Windows 7 keep crashing when opening download folder

Your windows explorer goes crash whenever you open the download folder and turns white and then just restart like nothing ever happen?

And then you opened it again to go through the previous sentence?

And then the said folder actually hold three fourth of your whole life?

And you have actually googled it, but every instruction seems like physics exam in your mind?

Calm down, this MIGHT help.

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[Screencap] Kuroko no Basuke Season 2 Ep 1 [26]

[C12] Kuroko's Basketball S2   01 (26).mp4_000134425Thank God, for toughen up my internet signal. Even if I had to re-download it for two times. Thank you.

Firstly, I won’t talk smart in this post, I’ll only do this to please my ego as a fangirl. This post contains screen-captures (the main focus of this post is screen-captureS anyway) from the episode, and probably I will write things subjectively, being a fan girl and all. Actually, I watch this anime because the boys first and basketball/plot later. /shot

Let’s have fun!

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