I love you, so….

I love you, so…
I won’t bind you to your phone, by sending you “P.S I love you” message every 5 minutes, or call you every hour.
I won’t bind your mind, so you can enjoy your activity without thinking about me every time, everywhere.
I won’t bind your soul, so nobody can’t steal you from me (which is tempting).
Because, I know, when you say that you love me, you already bound your heart to mine

-someone to somebody, somewhere

P.S: I’m in the mood for something cheesy~ XO

P.S.P.S :Nah, forgive me for the sappy line -.- XOXO

P.S.P.S.P.S: I thought about this when I was in the middle of English exam, stuck with the grammar and some strict English stuffs :p XOXOXO


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