21 Days Challenge

It takes 21 days to make a habit

It’s been awhile. Thanks to a piece of my crap, named internet connection.

Anyway, just so you know, I’m not following some quiz, or forum, or anything like, uh, ‘virtual show’ [what?]. It’s just that I realized that i can’t handle physic at all.

…what? Forget it.

I found that sentence up there years ago [not the ‘…what?’ part, the ones with quotation block, i mean], and i never believed it, even now. Because if it’s true, I should think that studying [yes, STUDent DYing] is one of my habit. But in fact,  I still thinking that YouTube is more fun to discover than a question about something that related with apple, white haired guy, tree, and some food we called ‘gravity’. I wonder why. Maybe because we have this ‘holy’–[holy, like ‘sacred’, get my meaning?]–day, let’s meet…Sunday. Well, I’m not blaming you, Sunday. Trust me, I worship you.

Where was I–oh, right. 21 days.

So here, I want to prove the sentence myself. I’ll make writing as my habit. We’ll see if I can keep it up or lost it on the third day. I’m not sure.

Why I do this? Simple. Because they say ‘words’ are my power. And I myself not sure about that. But I want to believe it. Because if its not, what will I have? I’m not going to explain it, because if I do, I’m going to reveal my emo part, bleh.

Maybe I’m going to write something that mostly filled with lame stuffs. Or maybe this blog will suddenly change to a diary. I don’t know. I just want to make this as my habit. I do like writing. Really, sometimes I found myself starring at an empty Ms. Word’s window, and my fingers are set on the keyboard. But they won’t move. So I close the window and open the Instagram.

I think if I don’t do this, my free time would be filled by game, game, game, hang out, game, hang out, eat, sleep, game, hang out again, game, eat, eat, sleeping, TV, hang out, game, game, hang out…………and hang out, or game. It won’t bring me anywhere. I’m not forcing myself, you’re not fore something when you already like what you do. I just trying to bring myself to write more often. Be more productive. To make this my ‘power’, I have to control it.

Right. I just finished watching ‘Avatar-the Last Air Bender this evening’ [Roll eyes]

You think I’m old-style minded with that ‘obsessive’ goal? Nah, I’m just making my start line before you do.

I might live my life playing, but at least I’m not playing with my life

Tomorrow I have a big meeting with someone named Math, FYI, I don’t have a really good relationship with him. He’s too strict and I’m not quite understand his language. His accent is difficult to hear and he often use may ‘x’s in his sentence. And his last name is ‘Exam’. I just hope I don’t screw this up. We’ve known each other since I was in my mom’s tummy.

See you in the next post, and it’ll be tomorrow. 5 more hours to be exact.

P.S: Please do tell me if I make some grammar mistakes or typos. I know some people out there is good with it. I’m not mocking you, it’s quite the contrary actually. Since I’m suck at it, I respect people who mastering this important section of literature. English is not my first language. Heck, it’s not even my second.

P.S P.S: I forgot to write ‘studying’ as my activity in my free time


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