Art Of Speech

I won’t lie to you about this.

I’m bad at calculate something. It’s not some usual ‘bad’, it’s ‘AWFULLY bad’. I’m not lying. Why should I when everybody already knew about this?

So, let me tell you about this meeting I had with Mr. and Mrs. Math Exam: unpredictable. Me and my friends already had made a concept about this exam; the total number of the question, the sequences of material that (probably) would be used, kinds of problem,  complete with the a-z solutions. The math problem collection book we work on, we answer all of them, 2 times. We were full-armored that time.

Yet when we saw the exam sheet, most of us still cursing under their breath, some of them did a perfect head-desk. Right. Our self-made concept was actually a total crap. But it’s easier to think that the problem itself lays in the questions. Every number of it contain 0 or infinite symbol on the option. Which made us successfully picked them when we ran out of ideas how to solve the question. I probably picked zero as my answer like 5-6 times. Maybe more.  Not that I care.

But I’m not going to make this post a 5-minutes-heart-to-math-chat-session. Because I’m bad at it, thank you very much.

I’m going to tell you about this people I admire NOT because they good with numbers and symbol, but because they make a whole new solution with words and sentence.

Let me introduce you with the people who master the Art of Speech.

They don’t have any academic tittle, nor some special status because of their ability. They don’t have any of that, because this kind of art doesn’t have any special judge. The people they make interaction with is the only one who can value this art. And art can never be an objective value, it has to be subjective.

So this people I know, and I respect, let’s just call them Anna and Kay. Both of them are the extrovert type, easily adapting with new environment, have many friends, and the most important thing: everyone like listen to them. It’s not like they command everyone with their talk, or deceive people just because people trust whatever they say. They just have a special way to express them-self with the words so people keep attracted to them.

One thing I realized is: this kind of people always talking about what they truly love, something that they interested in. Their love spreading into the sentences they say, and it’s unconsciously makes people love (or interested) it too. The jumble of sentences simply pull them in into the speaker’s world. Like reading a really good book, but instead of seeing fine typed letters, you see the gesture, and hear the colorful intonation in the tone. You can’t make yourself stop listening, because you want to hear more, and more. And you’ll found yourself  happy with just listening.

That’s not an easy work to do.

Anna and Kay have this ability. One day, while driving me to school, Anna told me about an article she read last night. About some boy and some accident. It’ wasn’t a long story or drama-filled type, actually it’s so full of fact and knowledge, but that time, I found my self crying. In the car, right before I reached the school. The word she chooses make me feel like I witnessing the accident myself. It makes me shiver.  I have to tell you that I am a people that hardly cry because some short, not-related-to-me-story.

Kay, if I dare to describe, is  like a bomb. She play with kinds of intonations, talking while her gesture try to catch up with the speed of her lips movement. She’s really good at story telling, even until now. She tells me story, but it never made feel like a child. And that’s what I like. She choose her word properly according to the audience she speaking to.

They way this people speak their mind never failed to mesmerize me. If they have an idea, they tell people about it, but they don’t force people to agree with them. They simply just speak about what they think. It’s simply the ability takes control when it comes to persuade the other subject. The words they use, the timing they take to talk, the intonation and gesture, and also they never talk about something nonsense. That’s what I call as smart.

So if you want to make people agree with your idea, you have to make yourself heard. Draw people in. So they love to listen to you. And trust me, if they do, they’ll easily agree with you, or, at least, not just slap your idea away. It’s actually a waste when a good idea is told but it’s wrap in a messy sentence so it sounds like a stupid thought.

I just want to say, I’m not trying to act like some know-it-all jerks, I just want to share what’s in my head. And also to complete this project of 21 days of mine. This post actually has been banging my brain, asking to be write. So I just did. If you do think otherwise, I don’t mind sharing some different thoughts.

Geez, this post is surprisingly longer than i thought.

Anyway, let me introduce you to this people who teach me (and I don’t think it’ll stop soon) about the power of speech.

Let me introduce you to my mothers.

[P.S: Please do tell me if I make some grammar mistakes or typos. I know some people out there is good with it. I’m not mocking you, it’s quite the contrary actually. Since I’m suck at it, I respect people who mastering this important section of literature. English is not my first language. Heck, it’s not even my second.]


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