In The Meanwhile #2

Somehow I always have this not-so-ordinary thing in my life when it’s Friday. Maybe not ‘always’, but it happens quite often.

Maybe it’s because that every Friday, I have to move out (temporarily) from my comfort zone for at least 2 hours or so. And I realized that this not-so-ordinary something rarely comes to me when I was in my comfort zone.

Let me tell you why: my school doesn’t have a teacher to lecture us about our religion, so we have to go to another school to attend this lecture. (some of us think that the lecture’s important for our afterlife knowledge, the rest think that it’s important for the tiny little number on our report card.)

So when my lecture finished this noon, I text my uncle to fetch me. Since my uncle has been staying at my house for a couple days until one day I can’t say, my mother trust her car to him because she trusts him more than the other public transportation’s drivers. I think she doesn’t realize that he drives the same way as them, if not worse. I couldn’t sleep in the car with the constant sound of the horn and in the high speed he drives. I sent the message. 30 seconds later my phone buzzed. I saw a single, capital K on the monitor.

This post isn’t really about this little brother of my mom, but yeah, he’s the not-so-ordinary something someone for this Friday.

Usually I always go home with the public transportation, but it takes a-not-so-lot money, and time, and energy (because I have to switch transportation for two times), so instead of getting bored in the uncomfortable public car with this heavy bag of mine, I think to be fetched by my uncle was a really good choice.

I thought so, at least until I had to stand for about an hour.

My uncle doesn’t wait for people, if he doesn’t find the person he made appointment with, he’ll call him/her for a hundred times, and texts them for thousands. But sometimes (or many times) he makes people wait for him. One or two time, he sure tests someone’s patience.

I waited for him in front of the school gate, my friends already gone before me so i pretty much standing there alone, without someone i knew, outside my comfort zone.

What a fun time.

For the first 10 minutes, I killed the time with a book (Life of Pi). This isn’t my first time to be like this, so I’d make sure that I always bring a book or a headset. I stand reading, I don’t want to sit inside the school that I knew no one in it. And if I do, everybody eyes will attracted to me, since I wore the different uniform. I don’t want to be a circus animal, but if I become one, I want to be the best one. Not because I’m only from the different “territory”.

For the 20 minutes later, I still read the book. My legs start to hurt, so does my whole body, thanks to the exercise we did yesterday for P.E. My muscles kill me and my damn heavy bag felt like a 20 kilograms potato sack.

You think I called my uncle that time? No, too much a hassle, I don’t like talking on the phone. Or you think I got mad and puffed my cheek? I felt the security gaze on my back, I don’t want more any of that because the strange mimic, thank you. So instead doing them, I just sent him a text.

Me: where are you?

Him: 5 minutes

Me: kay

I wan’t entirely surprised when the fact was  I had wait for another 30. I forgot in my uncle’s world, a minutes equals to 124 seconds. No worries, happens all the time.

The clock strikes three when he arrives and I hop in. I wasn’t mad at him. I think it’s stupid when you have to ignore someone when they pick you up a little late (if you think an hour as ‘a little late’, so be it). And I think it’s unfair to get mad because of it when in reality I do the same to other people, sometimes. I just greet him with a simple ‘hi’.

My phone buzzed.

You know what? Our movie wins the second place in the movie festival!! 😀

I blinked, smiling. We’ve been working on that one for the last two months. My crew are rock. It’s okay if we didn’t make it to the first, although this is our last chance. Next year we’re senior and only meddling with exam and stuffs. This is enough.

It buzzed again, I scroll for the next message.

And YOU know what? YOU get the second place for THE BEST DIRECTOR! You’re ROCK!!!

I blinked, two times. Maybe I was grinning like an idiot so my uncle asked me if I was okay.

See? It’s like getting a present for the patience.

I was grinning all the way home, until now.

[Please do tell me if I make some grammar mistakes or typos. I know some people out there is good with it. I’m not mocking you; it’s quite the contrary actually. Since I’m suck at it, I respect people who mastering this important section of literature. English is not my first language. Heck, it’s not even my second.]


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