Things I Can See From This Point

I don’t know what to write, but I have to. So I’ll write anything that i see from this point.

You don’t know what ‘this point’ refers to. What I mean by ‘this point’ is a yellow chair I’m sitting on right now.

I wonder why I write this post. Because I have to, but I don’t have anything to tell.

You’re wondering why I have to do this. Because I want to be better.

I glance around. I see things:

Life of Pi. I just finished reading it. At first, I didn’t have any slight intention to read it. Everybody talks about it, so pretty much I already knew the big part of it. The covers explain anything; a boy, a Tiger, a life boat. The boy live with the tiger on that life boat. Figured, because there’re no one in this planet who sane enough to live with a tiger in that cramped, lonely little place. This isn’t my book, but my mom’s. Later (because of boredom) , I read a few pages, then some chapters.

This boy have 4 (or it’s 5) religions in his life time. Interesting. Read for another chapters. Half of the book.

I laugh. I shiver. I cry. And laugh again. And my friends wonder aloud how come she has a friend who laugh on other people misery. I remember threw a small piece of eraser her way to shut her up. Then I cry.

Three fourth the entire book. I started to hope there’s a sequel for this. Maybe the tiger would change into some hybrid, or another female tiger will join to adventure, anything, i don’t know. Not watch the movie. Not interested. I just need words, visual can’t describe 10 paragraph of the main character’s inner conflict by just doing some 8 seconds close up shoot towards the actor.

I closed the book when I’m done, wondering if such a great story does exist in reality or just in the writer imagination, or just in Pi Patel’s mind. I dropped the matter right away. I don’t care, The truth whether it’s real or not won’t hurt me. So why not trust it anyway?

You can: a)consider this as a review of the book b)a crap c)you can skip this section. But you’ve already read it, so actually the options you have are only a) or b)

A Refrigerator. Mom always buy so many semi-instant-cook products, or some frozen food. But that’s not the big deal. She buys it as if tomorrow she’ll leave for Texas until my next semester starts. Sometimes even she forgot that she bought it so it’s not unusual to see some things that can’t be identified anymore because it has been there for (maybe) three months. Or more.

My room door. My sister’s sleeping inside. Tomorrow she has an exchange test or something. Tomorrow’ Sunday. She’ll gonna answer hundred question. And I’ll gonna slip until the sun rise, which is 10 a.m.

The Calendar. Reminds me to the proposal of a project I have to make, delay it for later. Reminds me of tomorrow. Reminds me of future. I glanced away.

I read a an article news. One brother and sister in the middle of ocean. Their boat exploded. They swam until they reach the shore. Collapsed. But retrieve. But they didn’t stay there (in the ocean) for 720 days. A little disappointed, but then I realize that they don’t have a life boat with them, or at least just the tiger.

3.14. Pi. Everyone with great stories always have a problem with their name.

Me. Worn out, tired. Can’t close my eyes yet.

Why. Because I want to write something.

Why. Because I have to write something.

WHY. Because I want to be a better man, have a good future, and know how to swim, and don’t get caught by a tiger.


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