Young Adult + Book = Triangle Love + Super Long Sequel

The tittle explains.

[When I wrote this post, I’m in the middle of working my report that due to tomorrow. So if you found some numbers that have no connection with this, I do apologize.]

I’m full aware that what I’m gonna talk about is quite a sensitive matter. Right, sensitive. In this era, it’s not only about someone’s religion, it also refers to someone’s imagination realm. Gawd, what a complicated world we lived in.

Alright, straight to the point.

So we’ve realized that there are sooooo many YA books being published this day. Not only this year, but the year before, and the year before that, and the year before that year, even when I was a toddler. There were many book displayed on the bookshelf. But now (after I read many of it) all the books mostly tell  the same thing, and it’s starting to make a whole new trend. I don’t know when this trend start to spread, the thing I realized is It’s like I pay so much for a same story. It’s like reading a book with thousand different name and set, but the core just the same.

Yesterday, when I dive into goodreads, I found something that proves my opinion.

The forum only ask about ‘5 thing you hate about a book (YA section)’, and you can look for it yourself. I scrolled, and scrolled, and scrolled, only to find same answers in every message. I wasn’t that surprise that time.

The main answer is:

1. Love triangle.

“1. Love triangles that are pointless, if you’re gonna have a love triangle at least make that angle of the story worth reading, not the whole we all know Boy A and Girl are gonna end up together and Boy B is just there to add pointless drama. At least make it exciting.“-goodreads answers

“Forced love triangles. You know, character A & B clearly have some chemistry going on, but then C is thrown in there for no purpose other than to create drama.”

This is what we called ‘public secret’. The synopsis was made, mainly to tell the reader candidate about the story inside vaguely. Right now, we only need to see the cover, then we know that this book maybe (with so big probability) consist of two boys (with so charming and perfect character) and one girl (who just an ordinary girl, later we know that the girl has a super dangerous power inside her. What a coincidence, don’t you think?)

2. Too cool (cruel), sarcastic male lead

A heroine who forgives the hero for all his misdeeds/insluts just like that.coome on! you are human, i like a book, where the guy knows how to  grovel.”-goodreads answers

Truth to be told, my sister love for this aspect. Cool, sarcastic guy’s great, they show us some mysterious character that girl this day would die for instead some playboy which out of date. And yeah, right, we found him every where, in every book, along with too-good-to-be-true face and body (If they THAT great, why don’t I see him in my monthly magazine?) But if I were the main girl character, somebody like him would meet my fist first then me. Well, I don’t want to be insulted or to be looking at with the mocking gaze for everything I’ve said.

3. Purple Prose

Purple prose – instead of being beautiful, it’s annoying. I have to re-read paragraphs several times to understand because I’m too distracted by the flowery writing.”-goodreads answers

“Getting lost in the description, i find it annoying to follow when the author goes on about different things which isn’t releated to the plot just to fill the pages..”

“too many explanations.. when an author needs the feel to explain every single detail, leaving no room for mysteries..”

If you don’t get what purple prose is, i get you the definition

“In literally criticism, purple prose is written prose that is so extravagant, ornate, or flowery as to break the flow and draw excessive attention to itself. Purple prose is sensually evocative beyond the requirements of its context. It may also employ certain rhetorical effects such as exaggerated sentiment or pathos in an attempt to manipulate a reader’s response.” -Wikipedia

I understand that explanations is needed aside from dialogue. The set, the characters feeling, the detail that have to be described thoroughly. We readers understand that authors have been working so hard to build the picture in their head and change it into words and sentences. But too long prose will make the reader bored. Sometimes we try too hard to imagine and we lost the track, so we have to read it from the start. Some times it’s just plain damn too long so we just skip the prose part and at the end mainly sought for dialogue. Sometimes the prose too detailed, readers have right to imagine the book content, not dictated by the explanation. And sometimes the explanation is just have no connection with the story.

4. Instalove aka love at the first sight 

“instalove – Really? As soon as you see those perfect eyes you know it’s him and he knows it’s you?”

“love at first sight: i don’t believe in this. Does not happen!”

“love at first sight.. girl grew up in an all-girls environment.. one day, she saw a guy and locked eyes.. they instantly fell hopelessly in love without even knowing each others’ names.. he could be a rapist/serial killer for all she knows, still she would give her heart and all for him.. (what the…?)”

Most of YA reader (especially girl) are hopeless romantic. No offend, because I’m also those kind of girl. We read books, we imagine things, some of us refuse to turn to reality. Because reality sucks. We know this kind of thing doesn’t happen in real world. But this might happen….if the boys are perfectly structure (this explains why love at first sight possible in novels, and make us girls looks like we only swooning for face). It hurts, but I have to say that if you say that you fall in love in first sight, it means you only love the outer beauty, you can’t get anything from first impression (although it’s important).

5. Super long sequel

“A ending with a clear hook for a sequel. What happened to all the one-shot books? Seriously.”

“The book dragging on and on and never getting anywhere

“Cliffhanger Endings – do you really need to leave a cliffhanger to keep me reading to the next book, it makes the autor seem unsure that theyve done a good job”

“a sequel that repeats the same (or a very similar) plot”

THIS IS THE MOST OBVIOUS TREND OF YA BOOK. TA-DA! Wait, you’re not surprised? Oh right, we know this already. My friend said that if it don’t have sequel, it’s not good enough to be write again. Well, YOU WRONG. We’re here waiting for some good one-shot with an ENDING that END when the ‘the end’ words was typed.

6. (sorry, have to) Overly Dramatic Plot

The tittle explain. Heck, we live with it!


There, finally.

It’s just mainly my opinion, I randomly copying some opinion that just like mine. I don’t want to offed you (someone, anyone out there). It’s just I as a Young Adult, don’t think that my life just about drama, boyfriend(s), and sex scene. My family’s “great”, why do we have to make a broken family to write a good stories? I like romance, but I don’t think it means so many sex scene in it. You don’t make a romance novel, you make a porn. And I think I want a guy who needs me, but if he already had everything, wouldn’t he trash me somewhere instead?

Best regard,

You readers.


One thought on “Young Adult + Book = Triangle Love + Super Long Sequel

  1. Mostly agree to your 4th point.
    I’m those kind of too.
    The one who always imagine all things she read,even when she’s ready to go to sleep.
    It’s just so… wonderful.
    haha… maybe it’s weird, for some people. but not for me. not for us, rite?

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