[Short] Review: Poison Study

So, I’ll make this short because this book was published long time ago…I don’t think my review will do any good. Here I wonder if my posts ever do something good to the reader who sometimes stopping by this blog. And the other reason is that I never good at writing a review, I’ll end up retelling the whole story, complete with the gesture and dramatic intonation…yeah, I’ve been told that I’m a drama queen. Let’s stop here.

Here we go:

4.5 star. I love this book. Why?

  • Firstly, the most important thing first: there’s no such whinny female MC. I must say that Yelena isn’t the strong type to begin with, she just have a good reflex. But she’s a strong-willed girl (which is a common thing in YA female MC this day), and better, she’s smart and independent. The last two points is what a desperately looking for in YA books. 
  • Valek is cool, with a small touch of bratty attitude, but for a reason. He’s a spy, an assassin to boot, and he always try to keep his professional side, he keep his calm in every situation, he is loyal to the commander. He is not someone who has a cold attitude to brag and snapping comment to the other for no reason. He’s busy, he has humanity, he doesn’t have time for love, at least until Yelena become the Food Taster. Which leads us to the next point:
  • No instalove. Yelena busy with the her new task becoming a food taster, Butterfly Dusk poison in her blood stream which prevent her to run away, at the same time she wants to escape from the place, the man who she had killed haunted her to perfect this condition, and yet, she’s not whining. Valek’s too busy too have a crush on her. Love life aside for a moment. But the steady pace of the writing tells us how the boss-subordinate relationship slowly (but certainly) change into something romantic, with good portion of scenes when they show a form of ‘affection’ towards each other.
  • No love triangle.
  • Explanation with good portion. I caught myself enjoying the description, which is kind of rare, because usually I just skip the boring part. The political aspect is thoroughly explaining along with the story development, no rushing, no slow-pace. Dialogue was placed to intersect a long description just in the right place.
  • I love the other character as well. Usually I don’t bother crying over someone who only present as main character best friend. But in this book, I love all the character. They’re so natural I think I can find them in real life. My favorite is Jacon and Ari, the power twins just so cute.

Uhh well, I think I’ll stop here. Tomorrow I have a chemistry quiz, and I don’t think there will be question about poison. What a shame.



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