Dreamers High, Radwimps, just a little corner of mine

Okay, so after some thoughts, I decided to not write anything in the post before (the lyric post).

So, uh, I don’t really expect you to read this post actually, since this just my unimportant chit-chat about things I like. It absolutely has zero effect to the post below. Trust me. But if you insist….just don’t regret if you end up let out a sigh or roll your eyes. This is one fan girling moment of mine.

Alright. I found this band unintentionally. Nobody ever introduce it to me, nor I ever knew that this band exist and looking for them. I get to know them, it’s thanks to my youtube surfing, I was looking for some fan girling materials since I was so bored and decided to just do some random click on any video title. Then, I found this song, Order Made, and instantly (no kidding, seriously) love the music, lyric, and absolutely the meaning of it. Uhh, maybe I come to love the music later, because rock alternative wasn’t really my favorite. I preferred some easy listening music that time. But right now? Whatever. I’ll give a go from Adele to One OK Rock (yeah, I like them too).

Their genre mostly is  rock alternative, some just have a slow rhythm one, and I like both. But one thing that I like from this band is their kind of song. You can’t just go out and always found a song like this. I mean, song is not only about love, sex, boys and girls. Give it a thought. I’m not some love song fans, because I (kinda) don’t give a damn if someone confessed to me with love song. If someone does, I prefer he is a singer.

It’s not like someone ever did that. Okay, that aside.

You can say that I’m a picky person for Music Video. If I love a song and music, I’ll prefer to not watch the video. Just because. Which lead us to the next point.

I just watched Radwimps’ Dreamers High. And I must say that the video make me curl on my stomach because laughing too much. No kidding. Seriously.

So before this, I already watched the Short Version (it pretty much like a teaser video). From what I saw that time, I thought that this video was about a girl and her father (the dancer). And this father turn to be a terrorist (since then someone wears the weird mask). That’s what I thought I watch the full version.

The girl running… the colorful dry ice…more running…passing the dancer (me: well okay, so the girl’s father is the one with the mask)…running again. There you go. The terrorist kidnapping the little girl! I bit my lip to see what happens. She ran through the police line……and just ran pass the terrorist. (me: blinked. laughing so hard.)

Leave it to me and my always wrong conclusion thingy. I personally don’t understand the meaning of the video concept, but overall it’s still a good one, so random like radwimps is (lol, no offense). Actually the last part, can hold back the squealing! never thought that one day I’m gonna squeal over this kind of song.

And one last thing: what the english part is about? That’s the second thing in this song that makes me giggling.

Non-stopping girls running boys he’ll be there for all of you
Shout it out born it out yah whatever hungry
Blue Yellow green purple dream scramble egg, vanilla frost
Running tears scars tissues and insanity as well
Me: what was that? Hilarious….in a good thing, i mean. really it’s like I can make an ice cream with all of that.
Cheers. Thanks for reading this :]

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