You got the widest paper in your head

I hate biology. Or anything that consist of soooo many things to remember.

I can’t do this. I have to write it.

Can’t. Too little space.

Need more. A paper I can use to write everything, from the basic until the very detail.

Everything. There so many much to remember. Just reading won’t give me much.

Paper! No space. I can’t write it there. No detail.

Wait. I have one. The biggest one, so wide I can write everything there, so clean I don’t have to use my eraser, so light I can bring it everywhere.

My brain.

I clasped my hands. God, may I remember all things I read, may I never forget what I wrote in my brain, sincerely, your perfect creature.

I may get my ass kicked out the class if I failed this one.


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