32 Faces of Wataya Arata

So yeah, i just finished watching chihaya furu season 2 (up until the 18th episode tho, it’s still ongoing)

and i have to tell ya: THIS ANIME IS ROCK IN ITS OWN WAY. mainstream can go to hell.

This anime basically tells us about karuta (a Japanese traditional game). From what I know, karuta is played as a new year game. So the poet (yeah guys, this game is all about the classic lith) reads the first part of the poem, and the players have to snatch the second part out of the field. FYI, there’s gonna be 100 cards of poems that would be read, so it called as Hyakunin Isshu (A collection of 100 poems by different authours). That is all. Simple isn’t it?

If you say yes, come here and let me knock your life out of you. The poem is written in Japanese, and remember all the poems (both the first and second part) isn’t an easy work at all. Let alone you have to make the card out as fast as you can. That’s why some people say that Karuta is not some traditional game, but one hell of a sport that not all people can play.

But I’m not going to describe this “sport”. You can googling it if you want. It explains better than me.


As I said above, Chihaya Furu is about some teens who play Karuta. At first we’re going to be introduced with these elementary schooler:  Ayase Chihaya (the female lead), Mashima Taichi (Chihaya’s childhood friend), and Wataya Arata (the transfer student). Later on there will be more character introduced to us as their Karuta Team in high school.

But for this post, I’ll mainly talk about this one: Wataya Arata.

Wataya Arata is a transfer student from Fukui Prefecture, that’s why he has fukui-ben (dialect) that different from another kind that grew up in Tokyo. Usually I hate an anime when the haracter isn’t speak in tokyo dialect (i forgot what’s the dialect’s name), but this dialect just perfect with him and I found my self like it more than the other character has. He’s kind, gentle, good mannered, honest and i love it so much when he talks (because his dialect and voice!). And hell yeah, he wears this sacred thing that anyone can wear it but not anyone will suit with it: GLASSES.

This some pictures I snatched from the manga, anime’s will follow.

[SPOILER WARNING!]…but if you can’t hold in so much, just click read more 😀 [You’ve been warned]

We gonna start when he still in the elementary school:



Cute isn’t he?! XD and he’s so straight forward i can’t help but laugh!

020We all know that he’s an expert in Karuta in his age. Although he said that he wants to play as a team, in the end he can hold back and go for all cards, which obviously pissed chihaya and taichi of.


I’m not lying, I cried when I watched the first 3 episodes of the anime. Personally, I’m not a triangle love sucker, I hate it when I have to speculate ‘who will she end up with’ in every episode. But this one different, they’re friends, of course they close, and this is mainly about sport, not drama or romance. Chihaya isn’t a whiny type, greedy, yes, but not whiny. Her head is not full of love life. So yes, I like this kind of character. And because of her I come to like this triangle love life.

But yes, I’m a full timer in Arata team.


On in the manga nor anime, but still, I like it 😀


His nearly burst to tears face! cuteeeeeeeeeee!!! ❤

And later, our megane bishie child, change in to this:


Me: GASP! He’s so… *squealing so loud*


Arata on the front cover!!! The picture of three of them is cute right ^^

and also this:




Is it just me or his hair is messier than usual? Well, whatever, he’s still freakingly handsome








Arata is basically a shy person. But when he smiles: well, he sort of make my day, 365 times.

Next is: embarassed/blushing arata!!!






See? :3

Funny/awkward/cute arata:



One thing that sometimes we forget:


that arata is freakingly smart

Next we have: serioud (but still cute) arata:




This one isn’t contain the picture of Arata but…


as a faithful member of arata team, this is an important moment!

In the manga you have this:


in the anime, you get this:


a special close up of this super handsome male lead! (me: nosebleed)

but overall, this is my favorite pic:


Well, that was a lot of arata 0.0



6 thoughts on “32 Faces of Wataya Arata

  1. I really like Arata’s character. He’s always portrayed as this god from afar in Chihaya and Taichi’s minds, but he’s really just a shy and sensitive kid who makes a lot of his own mistakes. I find his fuddy-duddy values to be really endearing.

    • riiiiight! at least he loves Karuta, and he plays it due to his love, not for some girls -.-. Well, maybe he’s not this rich, insanely handsome, smartass, and too-perfect-in-too-many-ways-kind of guy like we have here (aka taichi, not that I hate him). But I think that makes him humanly animated (what?) and that’s why I like him more than mashima.

  2. alex sarmiento says:

    yeah.. i also love arata… it’s not that i don’t like taichi.. but between the 2, i would prefer arata because he’s simple but loves karuta so much.. and also arata looks more handsome because of it’s eye glasses.. it gives more attractive aura around him.. 🙂

    • bluntly speaking, if Arata doesn’t wear his glasses, maybe I won’t love him as much as when he wears it. Maan, what a megane-fetish i am. But I totally agree with you, I also like his simplicity (or this cute, naivety of him) and hell yes, he IS attractive 😀

  3. thank you for all this images for Arata… I’ve been collecting images of him 😀 I love him so much! And his actor for the live action movie Chihayafuru suits him very well too!!
    I ship ChihayaXArata, and I will support this ’til the end.

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