[what and why] RADWIMPS


Maybe this is the second (or whatever) time I write about this band. Well, let’s just straight to the topic. I’m gonna pin point what is this band I’m talking about right now, and why I like them.

Basic information:

  • Name: Radwimps
  • Origin: Kanagawa, Japan
  • Years active: 2001-present
  • Website: http://www.radwimps.jp
  • Members: Yojiro Noda (vocal, guitar); Akira Kuwahara (Guitar, backing vocals); Yusuke Takeda (Bass, backing vocals); Satoshi Yamaguchi (Drum, backing vocals)

Feel familiar with those up there? Yep, I snatched it from wikipedia. Discography and stuffs can be found in anywhere. You can found my opinion here.


Why I like this?

  • Their music’s unpredictable. Like, uhh, shit that tastes like Super Steak? Well, not to be ruse, I just want to express it the why I am. I’m trying here! What I mean is: Maybe this band is not as famous as the other J-band out there. The number of fans can’t be compared with another fandom since I can’t say that we are a big fandom. But once you hear their song, you’ll love it right away. 
  • Their song’s meaning is amazing. This one song that touch me the most is futarigoto, iindesuka?, and ooda meido (order made). 
  • Mainstream can go to hell (like always). Gakugeikai makes me giggling everytime I hear it. I mean, Shounen D (boy D), for real? XD
  • Multi-genre. Maybe this one is normal point. But in Radwimps, you can find, like, every genre, in its song!
  • Fast-paced song and lyric. Well, personally, I hate slow rhythm song. You can’t shake your booty that way. And I like make-your-tongue-tied of song 😀
  • Good pronounce in English. you can’t find this in every J-band or Japanese Idol !! Try 4645!
  • Sometimes, provocative lyric. Oshakashama, G-koi, and condom are not a song that everybody will  find it with good-morality or stuffs. But, you see, even provocative, Oshakashama is one of my favorite’s favorite.

Well actually I have millions (no, actually it’s just hundreds) reasons why I like this band. But I think pointing out which one is important is the best.


P.S: I just found out that Yojiro Noda is doing some side project with a solo debut. Stage name: Illion. First Album: UBU. Still surf the google to find more info. Somebody?



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