Introvert, Just A Talk With My Friend

“Sorry for putting you on tone; Mom called me just now.”

“Nah, that’s fine.”

“So where were we?”

“We were talking about the introvert.”

“Intro, uhh, what? Introfart?”

“It’s introvert. God, you’re hopeless.”

“Woopsy, sorry. I think the static interruption is in the way.”


“Soooo, what is introvert, exactly? I know we were talking about them, but I just can’t get my logic over it.”

“Which part you don’t understand?”

“I always fall asleep when the class starts. So I think I know close to nothing about them.”

“You know that we’re talking about me here.”

“Yeah, you. How come you can say that you’re an introvert?’

“I just know it.”

“This physiology term; this “introvert” words, if I dare to compare, doesn’t it sound like anti-social?”

“How so?”

“They prefer to be alone, doing stuffs by them self, and if there is a choice between go to this big party or be at home―”

“Introverts tend to choose the latter.”


“Well, it’s simply because crowds or social activities with many people drains our energy.”

“I don’t get it.”

“You can google it. I’m talking about science right now, if you want me to explain about brain, dopamine, and adrenaline, say so.”

“Uhhh, actually i prefer the example in the daily life, thank you very much.”

“Anti social is someone who neglect, or i can say reject all form of socialization. They don’t care about the surrounding, and pretty much don’t even try to do so.”

“What’s the difference between them? Introvert usually keep all the thing to them self.”

“Introverts is a bunch of people who like to think a lot, that’s what I can say.”

“That’s not healthy, isn’t it?”

“Quite the contrary, being alone and thinking is a kind of “break time” from this sport called socializing. We don’t hate communicating with other, but we don’t talk unless we need to. “Small talk” doesn’t exist in the vocabulary.”

“You don’t like talking with others?”

“Do you realize that I am talking to you right now?”

“Err, you’re right.”

“Because introvert people―based on your term―likes to keep anything just for them self, they absolutely have sooo many ideas and feeling to share. You can test them someday, see if introvert people always shut their mouths up. If you can tap their interest, you’ll get them talking for hours.”

“Other than thinking, what would they do?”

“Introverts likes to observe something first before they dive into the activity. This is a characteristic that differentiating us with the anti-social. So yeah, we think and observe a lot.”

“Is introvert people shy or something?”

“People usually will take that shyness is the reason why we draw a line further than other people do, but the fact is we don’t need anymore adrenaline rush. We hate conflict, we worship calm and quite surrounding so we can day dreaming.”

“Day dreaming? For real?”

“Thinking is a big word, and that includes “day dreaming” as well. And no, if you’re gonna say that introvert people is a bunch of hopeless nerdy folks, you’re absolutely wrong. We tend to be individualist, and sometimes we don’t follow the trend, in other word: we think out of the box.”

“That’s cool.”

“But there’re so much people out there who don’t yet realize that they’re introvert. They think that they’re clumsy or just plain nerd, so they work so hard to keep up with the extroverts, whereby they drain them self even more.”

“So the point is just accept who you are?”

“Being different isn’t a sin, but reject yourself is definitely a wrong thing to do.” 

“Extroverts need to give the introvert their privacy and space, while introverts need to socialize with people and appreciate the extrovert company. Is that how it works?”

“You said that you sleep in the class all the time? You’re smarter than I thought.”

“Even you think that I’m an idiot, you still treasure me though.”

“I think introvert don’t like having so much relationship that just pass by the time, they try to make a link that last almost forever even just a few. They not really good on the phone, because the habit of thinking first before react, so maybe that’s why people consider them as shy fellas or sometime rude people.” 

“You’re talking just fine now though.”

“I’ve told you.”

“So, I suppose you’re not coming to the party tomorrow?”

“I think so, sorry for that.”

“Nah, don’t be.”


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