[What and Why] Toshokan Sensou Series

Lately I’ve been really into this.

cover tells you everything~

cover sure tells you everything~

Continuation from my last post in holiday, my math pack still sitting calmly on my desk, definitely untouched. Yay.

Long story short, I just came back from my short vacation yesterday, and during my stay, I read a lot of Light Novel. Not because the vacation was so boring, it’s just that when I have nothing to do, I read. Really, what a bookworm I am. Bookworm, not a nerd, people should know the difference between those two.

What’s a light novel?

You can find the definition here. I’m not going to tell you the detail since it’s so long and I worship Wikipedia and Google so much I rely every questions to them. 

A question where you can’t find the answer on Google is not a question.

Don’t you think so?

Alright, so let me conclude things for your, because I think it’s wrong if I don’t, at least, give a little explanation about it. This kind of book called “light” novel because it Is light (not more than 200 pages), and since they don’t have that much of pages, the story plot itself become “light” and not as “heavy” as the usual book, like the usual novel you know. There are always some exceptions though.

Talking about this book I currently reading.

Toshokan Sensou baseically means Library War. This series contain of four book but only the first named Toshokan Sensou, the second is Toshokan Nairan (Library Infighting), Toshokan Kiki (Library Crisis), and the last is Toshokan Kakumei (Library Revolution). The adaptations of this light novel only use the first title, so I’ll use it the same way.

Why i like this book?

Before you read my opinion, you might like to see some introduction here.

  • I AM basically a simple person, and i like everything simple. I write about lame thing, and use simple words to describe something. Well, I’m not that smart anyway. And so, I like to read something simple. With my condition and the book characteristic, there’s no way in hell I’d hate it.
  • People say that Japanese novel has something you can’t find in your English ones. The writing style, the story, the originality, the characters. I have to say that I’m in hiatus from reading English YA novel for awhile; it’s simply rereading a same story over and over with different name and set.
  • The basic concept of this book is actually “A Nation-wide war where both sides are fighting over book”. Isn’t that interesting? Let me try to give you the big picture without the hint of spoiler: the government, in the name of “improving the quality of Japanese literature and blah blah”, hunt every book that contains offensive plot, rude words, characters who might be a bad examples for children, things like that. Just imagine a world without the freedom to read what we like. Hence there exists a party to protect the freedom, called library. The library even has its own law to protect their patrons right to read. So the war begins.”

Declaration of Library Freedom

1. Libraries have the right to gather materials freely.
2. Libraries have the right to make materials freely available.
3. Libraries protect the privacy of their users.
4. Libraries oppose all censorship.

When the freedom of the library is violated, we librarians will unite and fight to the end to protect its freedom.

Isn’t that kinda cool?

  • I love boss-subordinate relationship so much.
  • Kasahara Iku, as the 25 years old (unusual age for teen-adult reads)  female lead, has this naive yet cute, strong-willed girl without being annoying character. This kind of character that you can only meet in Japanese novel. Only Japanese can make this character perfectly. Trust me.
  • If you’re looking for some love story with fluffy, T-rated stuff with not-so-deep yet entertaining plot; give this book a try. (it is indeed a book about war, but love itself is a war, sin’t it? ;))
  • Dystopian light novel with no so much brutality and close-to-nothing killing. This book mainly contain about how the library forcing against nonsense censorship tactically, but since our main characters are in the Force Division, sometimes we were brought to see that the library will protect those freedom, even by force.
  • The main difference between the English novel I’ve read all this time and this one? There’s so little extreme affection gesture (kissing, hugging, sex scene) that shows. I think it’s because the boss(Doujou Atsushi)-subordinate(Kasahara Iku) relationship. Some of you might find it boring, but actually a pat on the shoulder, a rare “well done” praise, the over-protectiveness  which sometimes Doujou can’t control over Iku, will practically making you “aww”-ing here and there. There also some said pairing with the same cuteness. I’ve told you guys, this is fluff, not porn.

A Japanese light novel was often adapted by many media. Like manga, anime, or even dorama or movie. I got you some pictures.

Manga version

Shoujo manga ver

Seinen manga Ver

Seinen manga Ver

The anime

The anime


the movie, haven't watch it =.=

the movie, haven’t watch it =.=

So yup, I can say that I my self enjoy reading this book. The original one is in Japanese and this person, has kindheartedly translating it to English from the first book until the last one (it’s still ongoing though), one day, one page. I don’t have the right to complain since sometimes the content of the story is kinda heavy (so many library intrigues!) and contains some difficult words and meaning. I don’t dare to imagining if I was reading it in Japanese. You can check it here. There’s also the pdf form 😀

With you. Anytime. Just the two of us. -Kasahara Iku, Toshokan Kakumei



2 thoughts on “[What and Why] Toshokan Sensou Series

  1. I never read the light novel of this series, but I did really like the anime and the movie. I agree – sometimes simplicity is the best.

    Also lol at this: “Dystopian light novel with no so much brutality and close-to-nothing killing.”

    That describes Library Wars in a nutshell… hahaha!

    • you really watch anything, don’t you? XD
      yes, the anime and the movie are more entertaining in its own way. Light theme and more funnier.
      it’s rare to see a novel about war with no main characters do the brutal killing them self this day!

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