The milestone down there shows you “12 hours to go”



you can't tell if he is serious or not, can you?

you can’t tell if he is serious or not, can you?

Trust me people. Even if my face is calm and sweating, I AM excited.

Just a bit though.

I wonder if this blog will turn out into a death note. You know, cursing people with their death and other fun stuffs. I wish this blog is a death note. Because I think I’m going to curse people who divine hours and day and time. The milestone down there shows you “12 hour to go”. So I have at least 12 hours to spend my holiday.

My beloved holiday.

I go to bed at midnight (beauty sleep can go to hell), and sleep like a log until noon (sun rises at 11 a.m.), eat like a pig (I’d prefer hamsters though, they’re cuter), and then sit in front of computer until I get hemorrhoid (just kidding!). But seriously, if you want to get one, just sit on a same chair all day long and don’t stand before your butt gets hurt.  Well, that’s not healthy, so sometimes I surf the internet in squatting position on chair. It works, my mom does that every now and then, and she never got hemorrhoid.

Why am I talking about hemorrhoid?…Right.

On the contrary, 12 hours from now, i’m going to back to my usual activity, but way more stricter than before. Wake up before the sun does, trapped in a same “officially legal torture” room (the name’s too long, so let’s just call it CLASS room) for about 10 hours, and then go to cram school, and then go home after the moon wakes up. Repeat for 365 times.

What a beautiful life I have. Good bye my bed, hello desk.

12 Hours from now, adults will start (or they already have) asking me about my future. What college I’m going to go, what faculty, what majors I’m going to take, what am I going to be. I DON’T know about all of that, yet. Of course I don’t say it in front of their face. It’ll make their eye brows wrinkle.

I asked my senior about it, and they said “it isn’t as scary as you think.” And I just nodded all along thinking “well, you passed that stage already, of course you say that.”

They sure have a wonderful life. Future is beautiful in their eyes, yay.

I’m not being pessimistic, it’s simply being realistic. Even I’m only one third of my parents age, I know how the world is. How they work, how unfair it is, how uncool it is.

How to make the life beautiful? I’m still in the process of learning it.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Wakattayo. I know it, yet I can’t help my self but thinking:

I wonder when can I be this relax again

I wonder when can I be this relax again

…And if this blog doesn’t turn into a death note, may be it’ll turns to be a pathetic diary of mine. Although I don’t expect so. I learnt that if you read a post filled with sadness and stressful stuff, the readers will feel the same. And I won’t read a blog that will make me stress or giddy.

It is awkward to end it here, but I don’t know what to write again so…


Why do people’s feet smell? That’s because the bottom of your feet are covered with eccrine glands and the apocrine glands. These both secrete sweats that attract various germs and bacteria, including that cause athlete’s foot. They breed and multiply and their secretion begin to rot. That is what causes your feet to smell. -Hachiken, Gin no Saji

That is a great manga. In it’s own way (well, i can’t compare the mighty Full Metal Alchemist (the previous work) with this story about agricultural high school, can I?) . The main character’s hobby is study (STUdent DYing)! How cool is that?


8 thoughts on “The milestone down there shows you “12 hours to go”

  1. you sure are having the most awkward-est, gloomiest, saddest period of being a teenager, right? (oh, i guess i exaggerating it a bit). Searching for the ‘true’ you, being asked for your future, where, yourself can’t see it yet. Just let me tell you kid… oh well, I won’t tell you anything. There’s no meaning, I believe, in telling you what you have to do or promising you sweet things for your future sake, unless you’re asking it. For the rest, I (and I hope every adults) will just sit here and watch you grow on your own, learning things on your own, until one day you understand every little things and being called, an adult. 😉

    [oh! did i just say something cool??]

    • you remind me of a sage…an old one 0o0/ (Not insulting, just stating the fact :D) <-guess I deserve a punch, huh? Nah. I AM a teenager, awkwardly gloom is my middle name! And, if one day I ask you a favor, trust me, I won't ask you for advise, I'll ask you to do my exams. Sounds better to me 😀

  2. agree with the sage, though..[Ha! I’m a chauvinist xD] hey i’m not that old =_=’a and I don’t punch… I shoot.. B) *cocks gun*
    gloom, is every teenage’s middle name, huh? xD
    and when i do it, i’m sure i’ll do it (not)better than you… B)

  3. faekuro says:

    kelas duabelas tidak semenyeramkan itu! xD ayolah, ini keberpakalinya kamu jadi murid tersenior di sekolah? :3 i am extremely exited xD isshoni ganbarimashou xD

  4. Honey, you sound WAY too stressed. Take a step back, breath deep, and just decide you’re going to enjoy school. Your grades will be what they will be. You will do the course that feels right at Uni, if that’s a step you want to take. Life is full of opportunities, books and new people to meet. Don’t feel down about getting up early and going to class, try and feel good about it instead. Best advice I have. Good luck!

    • Congratulation! You’re the umpteenth person who said that to me! –Wait, I shouldn’t be this proud about that. I’m surprise you read this post after read “The List”, and yeah, I do think I sounded so emo back then, couldn’t help it though. But thanks for the advice 😀

      • Lol. By the time you’ve passed the ‘education’ stage of you’re life, you’ll look back and have a much more chill view on it all! 🙂 Promise.

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