Me and my―

Today, suddenly:

“I want to punch him so hard right on the face and at the same time, I want to apologize to him.”

“Pardon me?”

Let’s call this friend of mine as Mike. So, Mike has a friend, let’s named it “Jordan” [Let’s combine them up and you got Michael Jordan. I can’t think of another name] . They’re both my classmate. Jordan is a jerk, a bully, the most childish person in my class, and up until now, I wonder how in the world he could get himself a girlfriend. Mike has this big red stamp on his forehead, that very looks like “I’M FREE, SINGLE, AND BULLY-ABLE” sign. Jordan is a psycho, and Mike is a masochist. I’m not exaggerating it, because even he was splashed with Jordan coke, or beaten up until his arm turns blue, he still keep his calm.

“I don’t want to have a bad relationship with him, or anyone in that matter.”

Which always responded by my friends like:


“What are you, idiot?”

“What a stupid reason.”

“Yep, agree with you, buddy. That’s stupid.”

“Are you serious? Man up!”

“You’re just too naive.”


Trust me, we mock him because we love him so much. He’s funny and we all treat him like a little brother. He’s not a coward, he just love peace too damn much. And we silently agree that the bad boy here is Jordan, but no one makes a move to tame this stupid wild puppy, because they got tired already before they got do so. It’s like talking to a five, while Jordan acts like four. Seriously, you are a senior in this high school, so act like one!

And like I wrote up there, today Mike said something that sounds so scandalous for me because it was said by him, of all people.

“You remember the time we passed each other in the corridor? The time I asked you to pass a message to Jordan?”

Of course I am, because the message I should passed was that famous four letter word, and I happily passed that to the said person.

And so I asked, “Things happened after that?”

“Things happen.”

Apparently, he bumped Jordan on the way to class and surprisingly turned his thigh blue. You got a hard kneecap right there, man, I tempted to say.


“He ignored me. But he acts normally to others.”

What are you, a dumped boyfriend? Is it just me or he does sound like heartbroken? My heart did a quick march inside my ribs.

“He’s my friend after all.”

… or maybe that was just me and my fujoshi antics. My bad.

“But you still want to punch him.”

“Hard. Yes.”

“And at the same time you want to apologize for injuring his ankle?”

“I do.” Man, I so wanted to say that he was a complete idiot.

“So apologize to him, if he still ignore you, punch him.”

A complete 10 seconds, then, “Humor me.”

“What the hell?”

“I’m a wreck now, humor me, sister.” He we goes with the little brother antics.

“Do I look like a standup comedian to you?”

“Well, no. You definitely don’t have the sense of humor.”

“Dude, you flatter me.”

Sometime after that, right behind me.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Then Mike jumped from the desk behind me, hop to sat beside me, behind us was Jordan. I quickly closed the kurobasu fan fiction I’ve been reading.

“I shouldn’t keep up with you anymore.”

Uhh, what?

“Hah?” Jordan sat behind me and Mike.

“I should have just punched you.”

“Are you sane?”

“ARE you?” Mike replied with all his power, I think.

“Weird.” And with that, the bully left the stage. Mike put his head in his palms.

“Good work,” I muttered, back to reading the fan fiction.

In the meanwhile, in my head:

Yep, definitely a BL. At least that sounded like lover’s quarrel. Love-hate relationship. All right. 

Leave it to me and my fujoshi antics.


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