One litre of snots

one-litre-of-snotsI highly recommended you to NOT imagine it. Gross.

Don’t even let your brain think about it! yet.


Oh, before we go, let’s see what I’ve missed:

Happy world vegan Day. Happy All Saint’s Day, Happy All Soul’s Day, Happy Remembrance Day, Happy Veterans Day, Happy Children’s Day (India Area Only), Happy World Diabetes Day (um), Happy National Day (Oman Area Only), Happy International Men’s Day  (And I’ve been proudly thought only women and children…), Happy World Toilet Day (keep your butt clean buddy!), Happy Transgender of Remembrance Day, Happy Cities for Life Day, Happy Self-Injuries Awareness Day (this proves that people still stressing them self their brain melts), Happy Thanksgiving (States Area Only), Happy Melbourne Cup Day.

It’s not over yet, because I’m so sorry I (temporarily) abandoned you, I’ll wish you in December:

Happy World AIDS Day, Happy United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities Day, Happy International Volunteer Day, Happy Human Rights Day (insert “abuse of” between the word “Happy” and “Human”), Happy Mother’s Day (Indonesia Area Only), Happy Christmas Eve Day, Happy Christmas Day, Happy Boxing Day (just punch each other already!), Happy Kwanza Day, Happy New Year’s Eve.

And let me catch up to the date a bit:

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 (remember the movie called 2012 about the apocalypse and shit, well I follow a forum called “When 2013 comes I will laugh and watch it again”. FYI, it started my habit to laugh every new year) , Happy Indian Republic Day, Happy Australian Day, and Happy Street Children Day (which is on 29th)

Well, those are worth a whole year holiday. And I wikipedia-ed it (do you realize how unfair the society is when they make Google a verb and not wikipedia?)

Oh, an acknowledgement to grovel (thank you so freakin’ much for asking me buddy) according my NaNoWriMo project:

I reached the goal (the 50k worth of words), but not the alternate goal: finish the story.

I just reached the three fourth of the story when my computer suddenly went PMS-ing on me and wouldn’t turn itself on however I push the power button, checking that cable jungle behind the CPU, gently stroke the hardware (while saying “hang in there!”, like, really), when gentle move didn’t seem to affect her moodiness (can’t blame her, she was half my age) I started to scold her, e.g: knock it softly, knock it not-as-softly-as-before, knock it rather hard, knocked it hard-it-leaves-a-mark (JK!).

And then I talked to her. It was like:

me: hey. just turn your CPU on already.

my CPU: …

me: just freakin’ turn it on. I gave you everything, from space to place your big that kinda inelegant body, until the electricity.

my CPU:…

me: I have a super important project that you have to show me on your monitor, okay? It’s my Nanowrimo draft.

my nano project

my nano project

my CPU: …

me: …and some anime and K-drama.

my CPU: …

me: okay, a super freaking lot of anime and drama. Happy?

and SOME videos

and SOME videos

And like a PMS-ing girl, she didn’t pay me a second. Stood still like a gravestone in a somewhat futuristic style.

that’s when my Nano spirit decreased. My mom’s news didn’t make it any good:

Mom: the repairman came this afternoon.

me: yeah?

Mom: and you know what’s wrong?

me: if it’s virus, just install a (goddamn) anti-virus already.

Mom: it’s the mother-board.

Tell you, every word that have the word “mother” in it has a important meaning behind it, like: motherland, motherboard, motherless, motherfucker. The last is super insulting.

me: oh (and or damnit). but he saved the hard disk right?

Mom: yeah. I’m going to restore the data anyway soon.

me: great.

Hint: My mother haven’t restore any data up to the second I type this.

That’s my sub-topic of “The murder of my Nano pathetic project and some videos”



I just came back alive from a three-days-war called : mock exam.

why they call it “mock”? Beats me. All I know is that the questions is so difficult it mocks your intelligence. Or may be it seemed so because: a)the answers looks like another, with just 10 quad-rate or something looks like a quadrillion or b) I swallowed the whole subject material (which was around 20-30 chapters) in 4 or 5 hours…the day before the exam.

defending my pride, I prefer the first.

Dare you to say otherwise

Dare you to say otherwise

My influenza just four folded the difficulty of the exam which was already difficult to began with.

not mine. but nearly as this.

not mine. but nearly is.

Roughly speaking, I spent 18 sheets of tissue paper, scratching my nose in the process and made it red and hurt.

And also my brain, it got extremely fuzzy with the sneezes and snots. I sneezed in every 5 minutes interval and picked up a new tissue paper twice in an interval. I practically spent my mock exam with one litre of snots. It was a stupid competition between me and my friend about “I spend more tissues than you” because the exam is too much for our mushy brain and hell, tell me in the face that getting rid of snots out of your nose isn’t fun.

OmiGod, that sounded grosser than I thought. Not that I assumed it was normal to talk about snots here. Sorry for the profanity (if snots = shit that is)

oh well, cheers!

Happy Chinese New Year (which is tomorrow) by the way!

P.S: I just got news that the mock exam points will be used as my final exam’s. Oh, shut it. God please just burn my school down.


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