Windows 7 keep crashing when opening download folder

Your windows explorer goes crash whenever you open the download folder and turns white and then just restart like nothing ever happen?

And then you opened it again to go through the previous sentence?

And then the said folder actually hold three fourth of your whole life?

And you have actually googled it, but every instruction seems like physics exam in your mind?

Calm down, this MIGHT help.

The longest title I ever wrote. Whatever.

Why we (now is currently YOURS. But you might get over it after this) have this seem-simple-but-actually-super-annoying problem?

1. You have video(s), usually .flv and the likes in the folder.

2. Because of some reason, you device can not access and process the thumbnail of the video. (You know, the icon-bigger-preview thingy)

3. Finally, your windows explorer crashes and you just like “what the hell” and slightly panic (come on, I know you had one or two adrenaline attacks when it happened.)

So, I’ve faced this problem for a bunch of time (two, actually). And solved it in two different ways. (Panic brings out the creativity in you, and sometimes also the damage to your device. Curiosity kills the cat, it works the same with trial-and-error effort.)

Okay. So, the basic of this method is by making your computer STOPS trying to show the thumbnails.

Your windows explorer may look like this at first:

See the bar above the taskbar? We need to get rid of that.

See that bar above the task bar? We need to get rid of that.

1. Click organize, drag to “Layout” and uncheck the “details pane”, if you enable the preview pane, disable it too.

2Now your window will look like this:

3Yay. You finished the first step!

Now, although the preview pane has been disabled, our dear computer will still trying (God, they’re so tough I can say) to show you, the dear user, the thumbnail in the icon. You supposedly won’t have any problem with mp4 videos, the flv might be a pain however.

So now we’re going to make the window shows only list-type view instead of icons.

Here’s the tricky part: How can we change the view if opening the folder itself is as difficult as hell?

2. Click again the Organize button. But now aim for “folder and search option.”


This window will appear:

23. Choose the “view” tab and unchecked the top one in advanced settings:

34. Click “Apply to folders”. Now your windows will likely to have a list view.

5Problem Solved!



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