If you see this, you see me

If you see this, you see me


This page called “about”, doesn’t it? So I should write about the explanation of this blog, wait, or should I write about myself? Or, yeah, can I write both in it? Believe it or not, I’ve dumped ย a million blogs before and I know I shouldn’t be proud because of that. You know what? Usually I choose to delete the other page, and leave the home page alone.

The reason? Of course because I don’t know what to write. Pathetic, I know.

So I decided to get over this “bad habit” of mine and try to describe myself (or this blog?) in this page. I mean, let see, instead of working on my personal mountain of tasks, it’s more exciting to think about what to write in this blog, right? #errrrr

Because, of course, i’m a normal student.ย :p

Err, back to the topic

My Name : Hisanik High

Age: Not a child, nor a woman. You decide.

My hobby: Do what I like and dump the rest.

Quotes : I don’t have any quote, I make them #slap

Stop complaining, start reading. Don’t like, don’t read ๐Ÿ™‚



12 thoughts on “About

  1. Heum sepertinya sayya ketemu sama yang sepaham nii. Banyak tulisan tercecer dan akhirnya kesapu angin. Memperhatikan banyak hal, terfokus sesaat dan selanjutnya beralih. heuheuheu…. Ittulagh sayya.
    For me, writing is a kind of drugs… kadang bikin kecanduan, ketika efek na abis ditengah jalan, bisa jadi bikin gila. *.*

    • Terima kasih sudah mau mampir mbak Meita, really appreciate it lho ๐Ÿ™‚
      Hyaa, mau bagaimana lagi? Banyak yang ingin ditulis tapi bingung menata kata, akhirnya malah menuang apapun yang ada di pikiran dimana saja (pengalaman pribadi)
      Kita menganut paham apa nih namanya? ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And yeah, i think so too, once we start, there’s no way back

      • makac juga dah dibaca n di reply…
        agh ittu banget deh, sama pisaan. heuheuheu… yang penting mah nulis lah. Minimal kkan bisa buat bacaan pribadi. yya g c *menghibur diri bangeeet*.
        heum,, paham hepi amburadul gtuh yya? heuheuheu

    • Really, sometimes (or manytimes?) i wonder how can people write about sooooo many things in one place, one page, obe article (usually named ”about”) ], and doesn’t get any ”bio writer block”. If it’s me, i’ll write some nonsense things like you read up there.

      Same story? In what, exactly? Coz i see so many things about that lol

  2. lol
    maybe they are given a can-talk-everything-about-themselves gift
    nonsense things are sometimes even more logical than the make sense things B)

    oh dear, in everything, like… everything.. xD
    i’ve dumped a lot of blogs and i kinda feel sorry for them

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