[SCREENCAPS]Kuroko No Basuke Season 2 Ep 3 [28]

Warning: some of the characters are turning into Dragon Ball Fighter.

[HorribleSubs] Kuroko's Basketball 2 - 28 [480p].mkv_000749400[HorribleSubs] Kuroko's Basketball 2 - 28 [480p].mkv_001183788

Add “supernatural” as the genre.

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[SCREENCAPS] Kuroko No Basuke Season 2 Ep 2 [27]

I’m not sure, but something is off.

Whoa, I still can't remember that guy's name beside Furihata

Whoa, I still can’t remember that guy’s name beside Furihata


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[SCREENCAP] Kuroko No Basuke Ending Story Pic Ep 14-25


I rarely watch anime up until the end of the ending song, usually I just skip it to the next episode preview part. I think it’s simply just a hassle, the same goes for the OP. So that time, I was reading the kurobasu (black bus, lol. Catch my meaning?) manga when it crossed my mind: Why not re-watch the anime?

If you’re wondering (if you don’t just skip this one paragraph) why I read the manga NOW. That’s because I have this trauma of sport anime/manga e.g: slam dunk, captain tsubasa (yes, he was kinda cool back then since he can stay in the air, saying his cool dialog before do some cool super-somersault-kick for full 2 minutes), and prince of tennis (I start to wonder if this anime turns into some tennis anime with many touches of kungfu, too many name for every moves!), so I kind of felt a little hesitant before I decided to read the manga.

It was stupid of me because the manga turns to be superb…in a sport manga level.

Woops, out of the topic. So let me get this straight. Below will be the pictures in the kuroko no basuke anime, ED part to be specific (from 23:28 until 23:30), and I just realized it contains of different picture per episode, it’s kinda fun to look at and I think it makes a story if we put it in sequences. Check it out.


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